Mark Cooley

What I do for nesma

As nesma’s Business Development Manager, I am here to help your organisation implement Accredited qualifications into your Learning and Development programme. Upskilling, improving staff retention, wellbeing, and gaining additional credibility with your customers and partners.

My background

I have 20 years of experience in consultative Sales and marketing and Sales Management roles across sectors, including Digital, Finance, and Education, both in an employed and self-employed capacity.

My skills and experience

My experience consulting and managing businesses across a wide variety of sectors will enable me to understand your needs from an individual and team perspective. This understanding will help me to advise on the best way to implement effective qualifications into an existing or new Learning and Development strategy.

Why I love my job!

I take great pride in helping organisations grow and support their strategic aims through the provision of the right service at the right time. I enjoy business-to-business sales as I enjoy building prosperous partnerships and value the mutual benefits of long-term relationships and networks.

Business Development Manager