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Top 10 takeaway tips from #GetSociaGetMedia

On Thursday 9 February I spent the day with some amazing people. I was at the #GetSocialGetMedia Conference at the Newcastle Falcons Stadium. It was promoted as a conference for learning and developing essential social media marketing skills for business, and it certainly met my expectations!

Below are just some of the handy tips I picked up on the day and I need to thank Joanne Dolezal, Andrew and Pete, Steve Phillips, Pascal Fintoni, Natalie Eminae, Tom Volpe and James Lane for sharing them with me.

1 When making a new connection on LinkedIn, always send a personalised message. Keep simple, such as where you met or why you want to connect.

2 The optimum number of tweets to send a day is around 6 at different times. Depending on your business you should also schedule a couple for the weekend, these can be highlights from the week’s news or a favourite blog.

3 Unless you are in the market for a new job, try and personalise your LinkedIn account as much as possible, this will make it more than just an online CV. Show some of your personality so that at a glance someone has an opening conversation point, for example. Mention something you enjoy, such as travel or walking your dog!

4 There are 3 pillars to SEO, which are:

Have a technically sound website
Outstanding content. Remember google can’t see images – No content = No traffic!
Popularity. This means focusing on high-quality backlinks not quantity!

5 Boost your Klout score on Twitter by:

Engaging with your followers
Sharing great content
Tweeting regularly
Using hashtags and keywords to talk about your industry

6 Facebook is now giving longer videos a bump in your news feed. However, live video is being given a big push so try it out for your business but remember to build up to the video using other social media platforms and a teaser video.

7 To create a great video you need 4 characters to tell the story; the villain, the hero, the trickster and the mentor. If you are the person selling the product you will always be the mentor, the hero is the customer, the villain is the competitors and the trickster is the worse alternatives.

8 People only remember 20% of what they read so use informative graphics, quality photos and videos to engage your audience.

9 Great websites for license free imagery to use on your social media posts are:

10 is a great website to crop and edit images for social media accounts. Plus it is absolutely free!

I work in marketing and communications, but I found it really refreshing to get out of the office, meet some new people and bring back some new ideas and different perspectives.

As the quote goes, learn something new every day! So, thank you to the team at Fresh Start Events for pulling this event together.

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