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Melissa works for Cranstons Butcher + Maker as their Marketing Co-ordinator and studied the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing with nesma. After graduating from the University of Sunderland with a degree in news journalism back in 2014, combined with experience in motorsport marketing and PR, she knew the next qualification she wanted under her belt was from one of the Chartered Institutes, as they are recognised around the World for their marketing and communication courses.

Why did you start studying again?

I had spent four years in my current role as a Marketing Coordinator and I felt it was time to pursue a professional marketing qualification. As I knew I needed to learn more to enhance my knowledge in marketing, in a way that couldn’t be done in my job.  

What did you discover about yourself in the process?

I realised that I love learning and I’ve missed it! I study and read a lot of topics I’m interested in, in my spare time, such as true crime, modern history and things related to cars.

What did you enjoy most?

The one on one teaching, and the constant access to assistance from Veronica, Lucy and the tutors – both academically and pastorally. I also loved meeting like-minded people in my profession to network and build relationships with. 

Has studying with nesma helped you in your career?

I believe studying with nesma will help me climb the ladder in my career, and I hope that this is the first stepping stone to career progression. I’ve gained valuable experience and knowledge I just wouldn’t have learned doing the day job.

What type of things do you do differently now?

It has made me challenge the way the company uses marketing and the processes currently in place, during the course I realised we were way behind in terms of digital marketing and this has opened up a huge task for me!

What words of advice would you give anyone considering a career in marketing/PR?

Do not delay! I moved back to Cumbria from the North East to a job I used to do in the summer. I wish I had started studying a CIM qualification straight out of university and got on the career ladder sooner. I was scared about the financial implications and paying off my uni overdraft!  

Definitely throw yourself into challenges as you will feel amazing when you reap the rewards from your hard work – I’m definitely feeling this now! It may sound daunting at first, but since when did anyone get a thrill out of standing still? It’s given me the encouragement I need to think about my career and how I’d like to progress it. I’m looking forward to starting my next challenge shortly…CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing here I come! 

Melissa’s CIM digital marketing qualification at level 4 included the Digital Marketing Techniques module. This focuses on the importance of the ever-evolving, dynamic digital landscape. To develop skills to improve digital marketing performance and explore the challenges and opportunities within the digital environment. You will also use a range of tools to plan how to enhance an organisation’s effectiveness in the digital age.

If you wish to start your CIM journey with us in September, why not call or email Lucy to discuss your options.