CIPR Specialist Certificate – Internal Communications

Course Overview

The aim of the CIPR Specialist Certificate (Internal Communications) is to provide the candidate with an introduction to the key concepts, theories, techniques and skills needed to operate effectively as an internal communicator.

Candidates will learn where internal communications fit into the structure, systems and processes, leadership and culture of an organisation; how to research, create and curate content that works and has impact across a range of available channels; and how internal communicators can support management in the achievement of strategic and transformational objectives.

The Internal Communications Certificate provides you with a solid grounding in the key concepts, theories, techniques and skills needed to develop effectively as an internal communicator.

The Internal Communications Certificate covers topics including:

  • organisational culture and transformation
  • communications theory and strategic internal communications and engagement
  • planning and managing
  • setting the right tone – the fit between internal and external communications
  • using social media for internal communications
  • the role of communications in transforming organisations.

CIPR Specialist Certificate Internal Communications

Aims of the module

You will consider topics such as:

Module structure

  • The link between internal communications and employee engagement
  • How internal communications can help organisations meet strategic objectives
  • Researching, creating and curating content that has an impact using a range of channels.

Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Explain how internal communications impacts organisational effectiveness
  • Select and apply internal communications and engagement models and concepts to support the achievement of objectives
  • Describe how internal communications and engagement can support organisational change
  • Identify the key issues facing internal communicators in strategy setting
  • Carry out research to support the development of an internal communications plan
  • Produce an internal communications plan (research, situation analysis, setting measurable objectives, developing tactics, and monitoring and evaluating impact)
  • Produce effective written and verbal communications (engagement, tone of voice, storytelling, brand alignment and managing communities)
  • Outline how social media can be used effectively in the internal communications mix (range, properties and management of channels, employee preferences, feedback mechanisms, employee voice, and enterprise social networks)
  • Describe how the internal communicators can support managers (the role of management in communication and face to face engagement, team briefing, and listening techniques).

Aims of the module

Module structure

Assessment Method

The qualification assignment will comprise the below in one written assignment.

1. Internal communication plan to include:
a) 500 word overview (+/- 10%) of secondary research undertaken to inform the internal
communication plan
b) 1,500 word (+/- 10%) detailed internal communication plan to include important employee
groups, objectives, activities, timeframe
2 Content curation report and creative brief based on the internal communication plan:
a) 500 word (+/- 10%) content curation report detailing process and tools to be used to curate
(identify, evaluate, annotate and re-publish) written and multimedia content relating to the
internal communication plan
b) 500 word (+/1 10%) brief for a piece of creative work to support activities in the plan.

Entry Requirements

You qualify for the CIPR Specialist Certificate in Internal Communications if you have any of the following:

  • CIPR Foundation Award
  • any UK recognised degree, or equivalent
  • two years’ relevant full-time employment in public relations (or related sectors, e.g. marketing, journalism) and 5 GCSEs at grade C or above, one of which must be in the English Language.

The Internal Communications Certificate is right for you if you are in the first few years of your internal communication career, are considering a career in internal communication or are working in a related field (e.g. media relations, event management, CSR or public affairs).

Course Dates

Our next cohort is due to start on w/c 13th June followed by 9 weekly sessions, for more information please contact


Tuition fee: £995+VAT | CIPR Assessment fee: £290 | CIPR Registration fee: £81


Level 5 | Degree | 8/9 SQA


3-6 months


  • Virtual

Next Start Date

w/c 8 July
Contact Client Support for more details.

Learning Options

Virtual Learning Offering:

The Specialist Certificate is taught over 21 hours with a total of 10 x 2 -hour daytime or evening teaching sessions, via Teams, with 2 x 30 minute 1:1 assignment feedback tutorials.

Our teaching is live and interactive reflecting our face to face teaching but online, for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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