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People Power 2022 is nearly here; what is it all about?

People Power, happening on Thursday, 23 June, at Northumbria University, is all about bringing people together to reflect, connect and learn how to create healthy, happy, thriving teams and a successful, productive and profitable business.

“nesma is delighted to be a sponsor of People Power; once again, it has a powerful programme that offers a full day of learning and training delivered by passionate experts and thought leaders. People are the most important element of any service or experience, and you will always reap the rewards and see a positive impact of focusing on your People Agenda.”

Veronica Swindale, nesma MD

So far, over 200 businesses and people leaders have registered for People Power 2022, ready for a great day full of networking with like-minded professionals and a host of excellent seminars presented by keynote speakers. In each of the insightful seminars scheduled throughout the day, People Power aims to inspire you and provide you with new ideas, tools and valuable takeaways. Find out more about the seminar schedule and what to expect here.

“We have sponsored the People Power Conference since its inception because, as a training provider that facilitates professional learning and supports our alumni with continued professional and personal development, we believe people are at the heart of everything we do. The conference is a great opportunity to meet new people, hear some fantastic insightful speakers, learn a thing or two, and ultimately put yourself and/or your staff first. Have a great day!

Lucy Davidson, nesma Client Relationship Manager

Conference tickets: Apply nesma20 to receive a 20% discount on the total ticket price, including all training materials, resources, and a working lunch!

Event Organiser Lyndsey Morrison sums up what People Power is all about:

“The People Power Conference is on a mission to help organisations build back better and adapt to the changing world of work. People Power offers ideas and inspiration from over 20 expert speakers at a conference dedicated to people, skills and productivity. Our themes this year are talent, behaviour, culture and innovation. Managers and leaders can meet and connect with hundreds of others who have an interest in developing and improving themselves, their team and their organisation.”

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