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But internal communications come a close second.

During every change in your organisation, you need to help people understand the long-term goals.

The old mantra of communicate, communicate, communicate still stands as you can never do enough. Tell people what you’re going to do, then do it, then tell them what you’ve done. Although this advice is common knowledge, it is not necessarily typical practice. To do it well you need to deploy a range of skills and a range of communication and engagement opportunities.

It’s not unusual for companies to find large amounts of money and resources to spend on their external relations and communication but often it’s far too easy to neglect internal marketing and communications to their employees. But it is vital that there is a commitment that information comes from the right source, is timely, and reaches all employees.

Effective internal communication is a powerful force that helps enrich employees’ lives and, hence, leads to a 40% increase in customer satisfaction, a 30% increase in profitability, and a 36% increase in the overall performance of the company.
(inside IC 2016 – a bi-annual internal communications survey.)

Internal communication should no longer be the sick relative of external communications. It’s an essential business function that inspires and aligns your whole organisation, and internal communications professionals need to put their ideas on the boardroom agenda confidently. The CIPR Specialist Certificate (Internal Communication) is the perfect course to introduce the fundamental concepts, theories, techniques, and skills needed to operate efficiently as an internal communicator. Our tutors will help you to apply your new learning in practice, and of course, lively discussion and exercises are all part of the experience.

Every business needs a good internal communicator!

Veronica Swindale

Director, Chartered Marketer, FCIM and CIM Ambassador of the North 2017

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This article was published in the March Edition of Northern Insight