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The road to success doesn’t have to include University.

Although University can be an amazing experience, having a degree doesn’t guarantee securing a highly-paid job. Don’t feel that it’s the only option.

If you want to pursue a career in areas such as digital marketing and social media, which are developing all the time, learning in the real world can be far more beneficial.

Rosie Groves is a prime example of building a career without heading to University. Deciding instead to get straight into work and study for the Level 4 CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing at the same time.

Last Summer Rosie decided she didn’t want to go to University and instead got an apprenticeship with a local firm.  Rosie then moved on and is now working for Reays coaches in Wigton and has recently completed her Level 4 [Foundation Degree equivalent] in her first year, whilst earning a salary.

We caught up with Rosie to ask her a few questions about her current role and how studying has helped her professional development.

Job title/ Employer

Sales and Marketing assistant – Reays Coaches

Your job in a nutshell.

I am the assistant for the Commercial Director, I help with all the marketing activities, update the website, update the marketing materials and come up with new ideas for the company.

How did you get your job?

My mum was talking to Michelle the Commercial Director and she mentioned that they were looking for someone with an interest in marketing, I sent my CV and had an interview and the job was offered to me there and then. 6 months on I am enjoying my job!

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

I love how unpredictable a day at Reays is, you go in with a list of jobs to do and leave having done none of them. For some people this would be a negative but I love the thrill and most of the time the stress, I think it makes my job exciting.

Something people may not know about your job.

People may not realise how closely I work with both Chris and Nicola (Owners), because it is such a big company a lot of people believe they won’t be in the office, but they are, they work closely with everyone which I think is important.

What was your best day at work so far?

My favourite day was the day I stood in as receptionist, this gave me a good insight to how the company runs and what the customers want, overall this has helped with my marketing materials.

What was your first job?

My first job was working at my local pub as a waitress.

Why do you love working in your industry?

I love how unpredictable the industry is and also how creative I am able to be.

How has studying with nesma helped you in your current role?

nesma has been great for my job role, I am able to learn from my course and also Veronica the best ways I should improve the working environment for our employees and also improve the standard of services we provide.

Talk to us!

If you are thinking about taking an alternative route to University but don’t know where to start then come and talk to us.

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