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nesma has added new CIM and CIPR sustainability qualifications to our portfolio.

Back in November 2021, Veronica interviewed Dr Helen Goworek for Northern Insight Magazine, Associate Professor in Marketing and Equality Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Durham University Business School. We discussed the need for individuals and organisations to look at their own activities in relation to sustainability and take responsibility ahead of any legislation coming.

We are now both certified Carbon Literate following training from Durham University and the Carbon Literacy Trust.

Meanwhile, not surprisingly, both the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) have also recognised the urgency of responsible sustainability. They have each crafted new Diplomas to give us the education and tools to address this.

When thinking about changes to how we do things, it’s essential to understand that individual and collective actions impact the whole planet, not just where we live. Let’s face it; we have experienced some relatively severe weather conditions in the UK this summer with very high temperatures, as well as floods and wildfires, which are replicated around the world. This could be a result of our own activities in the UK and international activities in the USA, Argentina, and Australia, to name a few.

The fact is that the science is showing that we humans are responsible – and, perhaps more importantly, we can also mitigate or even reverse the process if we do the right things in the right places at the right time – but this must be now not later. We talk about ‘future generations’, but this must be our generation. We talk about the sustainability agenda in boardrooms, but it’s now time for action with sustainability plans in place and their implementation a priority.

Diploma in Sustainable Marketing | Chartered Institute of Marketing
BA Hons Level | Completed as a stand-alone CIM award or a full qualification

Perfect for those who want to deepen their knowledge around how marketing and its associated activities can support the sustainability challenges organisations face. 

A CIM Module can be completed within 3 - 6 months and a full CIM Qualification within 12 months.

The CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing (BA Hons level) addresses the need for us to understand what’s going on regarding climate change around the world. It explores what the key drivers are and how we can put marketing strategies together to ensure our organisations can do as much as they can to reduce the carbon footprint and, by doing so, reduce the escalating global temperatures. We have the capability to reduce our personal carbon footprints by half, and it is understanding how we do that and with whom that is explored on the programme. The output is a plan of action for sustainability, supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. ( The qualification will undoubtedly appeal to those concerned with sustainability and keen to drive change within their organisation, whether you are in a marketing role or otherwise.

Specialist Diploma - Sustainability Communications
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Masters Level | Completed as a full qualification

Ideal for communications professionals who wish to develop their expertise in how sustainability can be integrated into strategic public relations planning and management.

This qualification can be completed in around 3 - 6 months.

The CIPR Specialist Diploma – Sustainability Communications (Masters Level) starts by understanding climate change, the need for sustainability and how to develop successful communications with all the stakeholders involved. (One key stakeholder, of course, is The Natural World). It is aimed at senior PR professionals who wish to advance a corporate sustainability communications strategy and develop strategic communications leadership skills. The output of this Diploma is a clear strategic communications strategy around sustainability.

Both Diplomas explore the need to understand the concept of greenwashing and the need to adhere to the Green Claims Code. Examples of good and bad practices are used throughout the programme.

nesma is excited and proud to have secured accreditation to deliver these Diplomas to the market. The team is now busy pulling together some fascinating teaching materials to share with you. Both courses will be available from September for either online or face-to-face teaching. Plus, you can ask us about Carbon Literacy Training in-house for your team.

In a recent report quoted by Claire Kemsley, MD of Hays Recruitment, “it’s great to learn that a large number of companies are seeing sustainability as an imperative and that increasingly employees will move to a more sustainable company”. 

So, whether your organisation is at the start of its sustainability journey or already implementing sustainable policies and responses through the marketing function, we look forward to helping you gain those qualifications to help shape your CV, your organisation and, ideally, our planet. As we know, there is no Planet B.