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The rapidly changing workplace makes acquiring new skills even more exciting. Veronica Swindale, MD at nesma, reminds us how important it is to continue evolving and growing our skills. As after all, learning is also really good for our health, minds, and bodies.

As every good marketer and communicator knows, relevancy is critical for genuine customer engagement.

Apart from the ever-evolving UK campaigns: Hands-Face-Space etc. the defining moment for me last March regarding Covid was seeing armed police in Italy stopping city dogwalkers at night. “They have to walk their dog if they live in a city and have no garden!” my wholly empathetic dog-owning self, yelled at the TV, but nevertheless, I got the point and realised things were serious.

The next day nesma, as agile as ever, sprang into action. Now was the time to put everything we teach into practice: firstly stakeholders – Tutor call: if we went online for all our teaching would you be up for it? Yes came the resounding reply. Next, shout out to all our students: if we do all our teaching online for the foreseeable future, would you be able to attend? Despite the uncertain times, the vast majority said yes definitely, others were being furloughed so weren’t too sure but, guess what, we then started to get calls from others saying ‘I’m going to be on furlough so have some time, can I study with you?’ So it was yes, yes, yes.

Nearly a year down the line we have seen whole qualifications studied since the pandemic started.  We are so proud to have helped marketers and communicators studying for their CIM and CIPR qualifications to succeed in shoring up their career choices. Despite some sectors flailing (but we always knew they would), others are blossoming thick and fast.

Those that had pressed the pause button in March were all back with us by September. Having got our market penetration sorted, we wanted to continue our relationship and keep in touch with our clients, so we identified some beneficial short courses to complement our delivery qualifications.

Everyone needs to understand Microsoft 365 to work more efficiently and collaboratively; everyone needs to know how social media works and how it can improve your business communications. So we created a programme of Know-How and Do. Which includes free taster sessions to give you 10 top tips on things you always wondered about but maybe weren’t sure of how. Followed by bite-sized 1.5-hour interactive workshops to get your sleeves rolled up and stuck into working more efficiently and effectively in the workplace, whatever sector or wherever that might be.

We are working in partnership with some of the North East region’s leading lights such as IQIT, Digital Allies, DRG, Projects Studio, People Power, and contributors from further afield.

As we have already said, ‘The times they are a-changing’ and everyone and every business need to evolve to optimise the newly arising opportunities. Whether its Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Market Research, What’s New in Marketing, Redefining your Why through Mission, Vision and Values, Storytelling, Copywriting or Internal Comms or anything else you would like us to cover.

All the Know-How and Do Workshops are in the Calendar, currently, they are all interactive online sessions which we look forward to delivering face to face again once we have won the battle with Covid.

Know-How sessions already in the calendar –

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