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Three ways of using customer journey mapping for marketing success

Have you heard of customer journey mapping before? If you’ve never given it a try, it’s not only a fun exercise for your team that builds a great customer focus. It’s also an absolute goldmine of ideas for content, customer experience development and marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at each.

1. Customer journey mapping for content ideas

Customer journey mapping puts us in our customer’s shoes, helping us to understand what they are thinking, feeling and doing as they search for a solution to a ‘problem’ they have.

By creating content to address the questions and concerns our customers have, we make buying from us an easier and more pleasant experience. Anticipating how they might be feeling allows us to write in an appropriate tone of voice. Knowing their next steps will help us to link content together and guide the customer towards purchase.

2. Identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs

When our customer tries to buy from us, do they hit any barriers? Do we make it easy for them? Or are there arduous processes, missing payment methods, or dodgy technologies standing in their way?

Thanks to customer experience maestros like Amazon, customers have high expectations of how it should be to engage with our businesses. Journey mapping helps us understand what might stop our customer from reaching the next stage of their journey. Our whole business can use these insights to create robust processes to take customers from unaware of our brand to repeat customer.

3. Finding and engaging your customers

If we know where our customer goes to get their questions answered, we can be there in their moments of need. We’ll be able to give them helpful content where they are.

Being helpful not only feels good for us and our customer; it also builds trust in and consideration of our brands. Even if they don’t buy from us this time, being consistently helpful keeps us top of mind for next time.

Getting started with customer journey mapping

If this sounds good and you’d like to reap the benefits of customer journey mapping for your business, you’re in luck! Our fun, interactive workshop is available to book today. You’ll be mapping like a pro in no time!

Written by Course Leader Neina Sheldon

She is a professionally qualified marketer and copywriter, with over 12-years experience in brand and agency roles, working with companies from a broad range of sectors including education, retail, travel, B2B professional services and more. She loves to bang the drum for the customer and is happiest when she has the opportunity to use customer insights to illuminate areas of potential for brands and to strategically plan for their improved performance.

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