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Get help with GDPR compliance – Newcastle – 28 March

Companies need to meet the GDPR Fundamentals standard.

The GDPR Fundamentals framework will give you confidence in your compliance and provide you with the appropriate evidence to present to suppliers and customers to help to maintain trust. Plus you can demonstrate to the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) that you are following an established process.

So what is the standard and why should you attend this course?

In essence, if you have a website, promote yourself through email marketing or employ staff you need to understand the implications of GDPR.

The GDPR is all about demonstrating compliance. This programme will help you understand your organisation’s legal duties, put a spotlight on any changes you need to make and ultimately ensure you reach the GDPR Fundamentals standard.

The GDPR Fundamentals standard has been devised to assist organisations in their efforts to comply with the new data protection regulation. It offers businesses the opportunity to obtain external recognition of their GDPR management system and has been written using the principles of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

If you are an organisation that processes any personal data (client or staff data) and operates in the EU or handles information concerning data subjects located in the EU you should consider meeting this standard. In short, if you are currently subject to the Data Protection Act, it is likely that you will also be subject to the GDPR.

To ensure your business is compliant, we would recommend that you need these three things:

  • the training,
  • the audit
  • and the certificate.

The Training will give you the knowledge to assess your organisation relative to the GDPR requirements using a practical framework that will assist you to understand what it means to be compliant. Businesses will receive a GDPR Fundamentals attendance certificate from the accrediting body on completion of the course of the 1-day training.

The Audit delivered in the form of a two-hour survey carried out by an accredited GDPR Fundamentals Practitioner will help you to assess your systems and policies against the demands of the GDPR Fundamentals standard.

The GDPR Fundamentals of Compliance is a recognised management standard for data protection compliance which immediately identifies that your organisation has been audited by an independent third party and that you can demonstrate compliance.

We have broken this down into three packages to help you to make the right choice depending on your organisation's needs:

Option 1 - How do you know if you are compliant?

1-day training including a GDPR Fundamentals attendance certificate from the accrediting body on completion of the course.

£395 + VAT

Option 2 - Testing your compliance

Includes everything listed in Option 1 plus an audit of your organisation's current compliance with GDPR. A report will be produced including recommendations for improvement.

from £645 + VAT*

*Depending on the business size

  • Micro business = £645 + VAT
  • Small business = £745 + VAT
  • Medium business = £895 + VAT
  • Large business = £1,145 + VAT
  • Additional attendees = £395 + VAT

Option 3 - Affirming your compliance

Including everything listed in Option 2 plus a GDPR Fundamentals certificate of compliance for your organisation*

from £995 + VAT**

*The certificate of compliance will only be issued once you have met the standard. The training and audit is designed to provide you with the practical understanding required to meet the standard.

**Depending on business size.

  • Micro business = £995 + VAT
  • Small business = £1.195 + VAT
  • Medium business = £1,445 + VAT
  • Large business = £1,795 + VAT

In-house GDPR training

In-house training can be arranged if you have four or more staff to train.  Any or all of the options above can be included. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Your trainer

Kate Armstrong is an accredited GDPR Fundamentals Practitioner who is qualified to take you through the training and audit process, helping your organisation to prepare the evidence required for submission to the GDPR Fundamentals Certifying Body.


www.ico.org.uk is the original and best source to download the regulations in full, regular information updates and a plain English summary of what GDPR really means. This information is aimed at giving you a summary of current and emerging data protection and privacy regulations and guidance. It is not intended as legal advice and is not represented as such by the author or publisher. It is advised that legal counsel is sought to ensure compliance with legislation.

Wednesday 28th March, 2018


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