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North East businesses are invited to attend a CIM event on 10 October at Northumbria University to learn more about how internal collaborative working can improve a company’s brand, employee engagement, and attract talent.

Emma Greenwood, who is organising the event, explained: “Internal departments can so often work in silos, developing and refining their own key messages and promotional material for recruitment and marketing. Putting this expertise together not only makes sense, but it will also improve the perception of the business both inside and out.” She continued, “This is a fascinating subject and I would encourage businesses to attend to hear how this really works in businesses today.”

Gill Gilthorpe, Senior Brand and Business Development Strategy Consultant, and Jean-Pierre van Zyl, Partner and Head of Employment at Square One Law, will discuss how alignment between the two departments can lead to cultural change, improved productivity, profitability and service delivery whilst helping to attract and retain talent. The session will cover how to align your employer brand so it supports the main brand, understanding the key drivers of your internal and external brand to gain emotional attachment, use and misuse of social media and sharing skills to influence business behaviour.

This event, sponsored by Square One Law and Northumbria University, and will explore how to get the best from a ‘Collaborative between marketing and HR’ and is open to CIM members and non-members.

More information is available in our Calendar or to book go to or call +44 (0)1628 427340 during office hours.