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See what our students say about nesma.

Meryl Bentham
Gardner Aerospace

CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing

nesma is a first-class study centre combining excellent facilities and knowledgeable, supportive tutors who really feel like partners through the learning process. Small, interactive groups promote valuable discussion between students – a great way to transfer theory into the real world. I have recommended nesma to my colleagues and look forward to continuing my own journey with Veronica and the team, helping me to develop my career in Marketing.

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Lauren Moody
Dodd & Co

CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing

I completed my Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing with Nesma and am so pleased I did it! What a fantastic, helpful, highly knowledgable and encouraging team. I feel that I gained so much more than just a qualification, Veronica, Kate and Lucy gave me so much advice and really opened my eyes to the opportunities out there. They really are experts in their areas which meant I learned so much more than just the course content. I was part of a lovely small group which made the learning experience feel almost 1-1 and the tutors were always on hand to help in between sessions too. nesma offer a range of locations so being able to study close to home was a huge bonus too and much more beneficial than doing an online course. Studying with Nesma has provided me with more confidence in my current role and it’s definitely developed a hunger to learn more. Gaining a qualification in marketing is the best thing I’ve done for my career and I would highly recommend choosing nesma as your study centre. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Melissa Chappelhow
Cranstons Butcher + Maker

CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

I had spent four years in my current role as a Marketing Coordinator, and I felt it was time to pursue a professional marketing qualification. As I knew, I needed to enhance my knowledge in marketing to help me progress. I really enjoyed the one on one teaching, and the constant access to Veronica, Lucy and the tutors – both academically and pastorally. And I loved meeting like-minded people in my profession to network and build relationships with. I’ve definitely gained valuable experience and knowledge I just wouldn’t have learned on the job. And my new knowledge has certainly made me challenge the way the company uses marketing and the processes currently in place.

James Brennan
BSW Timber

CIM Diploma in Professional MarketingCIM Certificate in Professional Marketing

I virtually finished Level 4 one month and started Level 6 the next – so I think that’s proof in itself that I found many benefits to studying with nesma. I was always adamant that I wanted to learn with other marketing-minded people from different roles and industries as I feel it is conducive to forming good ideas and becoming well-rounded. I looked forward to every session with nesma as on top of the apparent learnings it’s a great laugh – and I’ve made friendships with other students and tutors that I hope will last a lifetime.

Emily Mason
NTE Limited

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing

Studying with nesma provided me with the opportunity to discuss my ideas with like-minded marketing professionals every week. The tutors made the course relatable by applying their own career experiences to the content. From this, I’ve gained much more confidence in my decision-making abilities and can now communicate my ideas effectively. Just one month after I’d handed in my final assignment, I was able to present a marketing strategy to the company’s directors which then influenced the overall business strategy for the entire organisation.

Katie Sproat
Tarff Valley ltd – Agricultural Supplies 

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing

This qualification has helped to broaden my knowledge of the marketing function, and it has allowed me to consider new approaches in my working practices. I feel I have a greater understanding of the business functions and how marketing supports the different areas. Although it has been a challenge (I found it difficult to go back to studying after 2.5 years off!), I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and the support and help from Veronica throughout the course have been invaluable.

Karl Hansell
BIGGA Ltd and editor of Greenkeeper International

CIPR Professional PR Diploma

The team at nesma has a vast amount of experience due to the high levels they have operated at throughout their careers. You can’t help but sit and listen, open-mouthed usually, to what they have to say. I thought the whole experience was brilliant and I’d do the whole thing again in a heartbeat. I came to the course not knowing what to expect, but after each session I would go back to work completely reinvigorated and excited to put into practice what I had learned. In the past year I have changed significantly in both a professional and a personal sense. I know that I’m  now ready to take the next step in my career.

Claire Henderson
Northern Housing Consortium

CIM Diploma in Professional  | CIPR Professional PR Diploma

I’ve studied two qualifications with nesma, the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing and more recently the CIPR Professional PR Diploma – for both courses nesma was a great place to study. Veronica and the team are friendly and provide a relaxed but focussed atmosphere for study. I really enjoyed the opportunity to debate and explore different scenarios in PR with fellow colleagues and tutors. The format of the course allowed for a high-level of discussion and debate which helped my learning. One of my favourite aspects of the course was taking part in a crisis scenario planning session. This threw us into a ‘crisis’ where we had to work together to think through the steps we would have to take as a PR team working alongside other executive team members as the crisis unfolded.

Araminta Hartley
Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS)

CIPR Professional PR Diploma

nesma is a brilliant study centre with supportive professional tutors who will guide you through your course. They not only educate you but challenge you because they want to see their students succeed and thrive in their careers. I would recommend nesma to anyone considering studying a PR or Marketing qualification. The CIPR Professional PR Diploma has increased my knowledge and understanding of PR theories and concepts and I feel more confident in creating and managing effective PR campaigns.

Laura Adam

CIPR Foundation Award in Public Relations

nesma is an excellent study centre. Everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming and I enjoyed meeting new people from outside my organisation in the face-to-face sessions. It was a great way to network and understand more about the PR function in different businesses. My tutors were supportive and inclusive of the whole group, allowing everyone to input into group discussions. I was fully taken care of throughout the entire process and got helpful and constructive feedback on my assignment. I’m delighted with my CIPR Foundation Award in Public Relations and I can’t wait to come back and study for another qualification soon.

Rebecca Ferguson
Dodd Accountants.

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing

I started with nesma just ambitious to be qualified – but didn’t make a plan for what happened when I did!! So this is an extraordinary feeling. I’m sure I’ll dip my feet into something else soon, but for now, I want to thank both NESMA and my tutor, and also Dodd & Co for supporting me throughout my study years. Couldn’t have done it without them all.

I’m grateful for the support provided by nesma, which helped me to achieve my goal in reaching the Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing. My tutor was always available to answer even the most ridiculous of questions (and I ask a lot of those!). Remaining patient with me throughout, sometimes I just needed the question read aloud to me to be able to understand it. I made some fantastic friends studying level 4, and we still meet up even now, and now I have some more marketers in my network to bounce ideas off too!

Laura Kathryn Gay
Artisan Travel Company (Marketing Coordinator)

CIPR Foundation Award in Public Relations | CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing

I am very proud to have successfully completed my CIPR Level 3 Foundation Award in Public Relations, CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing and CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing with the help of Nesma.

Working full-time, getting back into education and studying part-time was initially quite a daunting experience for me. I can honestly say, however, that it has been an absolute pleasure to attend the weekly classes and to be able to discuss marketing with some lovely like-minded individuals and the tutors who are industry experts. The classes are the perfect blend of academic learning and real-world application, which has been invaluable to my understanding of marketing processes and professional growth.

I can’t thank Veronica, Lucy and the lecturers enough for their help, support and of course the first-rate tutorage!

Jess McCabe
Sage Gateshead

CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing

The Level 6 diploma was a big leap of faith for me – I wasn’t sure if I could cope with the pace or subject matter, but Nesma was brilliant and supportive throughout. The smaller class sizes really helped as we had plenty of meaningful conversations plus 1:2:1 time with Veronica. I briefly considered an online course but didn’t think it was for me. And now I realise, there is no way I’d have gotten through the course or enjoyed it as much if I’d used distance learning! Discussing the content and real-life examples really helped to give me context on how the principles we were learning could be applied in the workplace. I’m genuinely using what I’ve learned, it is so much more than an academic exercise.

Emily Hardcastle
British Engines

CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

Studying with nesma has allowed me to develop confidence in my job; I’ve effectively applied my learning to my everyday role and the companies that I work with. It has been a pleasure to attend a class every week and get to know the lovely team and tutors! I look forward to working with nesma again in the future.

Charlotte Brydon

CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing

I met Veronica and Lucy at a marketing event in Newcastle. I had long aspired to complete a CIM qualification and hadn’t fully understood how to get started with things until this point.

I spent some time liaising with Lucy about what level I should study. After some advice and research, I decided to start at Level 6, which would mean studying towards a Diploma in Professional Marketing which would make me eligible to register as an Associate of CIM. The team were supportive even before I had committed to taking on the course.

I opted for the evening classes to fit studying in with full-time work and completed the three modules over nine months. I found the tutors at nesma have immense experience in the sector and a wealth of up-to-date knowledge which was motivating during classes. The suggested reading lists were highly relevant, and while the modules were fast-paced, the content was broken down into manageable chunks. The team at nesma want their students to do well, and this is evident in their pass rates and their passion for the industry.

I have since met fellow marketers who studied at nesma, and something we all have in common is our admiration for the support and guidance provided during our studies.

Kate Jewitt
PDL Solutions (Europe) Limited

Introduction to Social Media

I really enjoyed the Introduction to Social Media Course yesterday. Our tutor Jo provided us with a good insight into how to use the different social media platforms and how we can benefit from using them, it was really helpful. Thank you for hosting and for lunch! I will definitely be recommending nesma to colleagues and hopefully, I will have more opportunities to attend some of your workshops in the future.

Strategic Marketing Planning
Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic Marketing Planning

I had a very successful day with Veronica and the whole team at nesma. The training was interactive and the content was consistently drawn back to my business and made relevant, making the training even more valuable than I could have hoped for.

The Bannatyne Group

Advanced Influencer Relations with Impact’ course

After participating in the NESMA’ Advanced Influencer Relations with Impact’ course, I feel a lot more confident and competent in dealing with this area of our marketing strategy. The course ran smoothly, the environment was very relaxed, and we were all able to discuss topics and ask any questions we needed too. Our learning team was built up of 10 employees with varying degrees of knowledge working with influencers; however, the content was exactly what we asked for, the level of individual detail enabled us to get the most from the day for our company. The course was very insightful for both our legal and marketing departments, and it exceeded our expectations. This is why I would definitely recommend this course to others who want training for working with influencers. The entire process from finding the course online, and liaising with Lucy, through to the actual running of the session by Deb and Anne-Marie was handled in an extremely professional manner.

Lindsay Plumpton

In-house Social Media Training

The training was bespoke to meet the needs of the team and really hit our objectives. It was clear the preparation that had gone into the programme – the materials were excellent, the trainer’s knowledge was, and we’ve come back with lots of new ideas on how to do things differently! Would definitely recommend.

Delegate on the Instagram Intermediate Training

Instagram Intermediate Training

I attended this 1-day Instagram Intermediate workshop to find out how I can increase the engagement on our business Instagram account, get some fresh new ideas for content and learn more about different ways of tracking and reporting on analytics. I wasn’t disappointed as I feel like everything I wanted to get out of the session (and more) was covered.

I was put at ease as soon as I arrived. The facilities and staff were so lovely and helpful and the location was perfect. The workshop session covered everything I wanted to know and the ‘chilled informal learning environment made it easy to stop and ask questions and get answers very quickly. Everything was explained thoroughly in an easy to understand way and lunch was a lovely touch too!

Dawn McGuigan
Gentoo Group Limited

In-House Storytelling Workshop

I used nesma’s storytelling workshop to provide my team with a toolkit for developing a new corporate narrative. It really helped us to understand the building blocks of our brand and the ways in which we can tell our story more confidently and effectively. Andy was an excellent tutor and gave us lots to think about.

Chris Wharton
Go North East

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing with Digital Marketing Elective (L4)

I can’t recommend studying at nesma enough – it was a great experience from start to finish. My tutor, Richard, tailored the classes to the businesses of the people in the room, which aided our learning and I can honestly say that he’s the best teacher I have ever had. As a result of his support, and the strong team at Go North East, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my work. Thanks, nesma!

Stephen King
Go North East

I’ve seen a huge change in Chris since he completed his CIM Level Four qualification. Chris now has a deeper understanding of the work he’s doing at Go North East and how it fits in improving our business – not just in marketing but our overall success. It really is a great thing to see. Chris was terrific to start with, his CIM qualification has just cemented his understanding and strategic thinking.

Naomi Osborne
The Bridges Sunderland

Influencer PR & Marketing – Foundation

The training and the venue were great! The tutors took their time to go through each aspect of the course in great detail and they answered all of my questions. Lunch was delicious too!


Bespoke In-house PowerPoint Training

Chris was an excellent trainer – his delivery was engaging and he kept the sessions well structured yet flexible to be tailored to our individual requests and needs. His focus on changing the way we use software – keyboard shortcuts and searching the help function – was very valuable. Breaking the training into two sessions was good in allowing us to digest and practise the firsts session before moving on. It also meant we were able to better shape the second session for our needs. It was also very helpful to have the pdf guide emailed over afterwards for future reference. The customer service given by Lucy to help organise, feedback and make requests for topics for the second session was brilliant, making it easy to organise.

Fiona Green
Marketing and Communication Specialist

Email Marketing and Mailchimp

I’d like to say a big thank you for yesterday’s Email marketing and Mailchimp course. The time spent was valuable, and I benefitted a lot from the topics covered and discussed. I will definitely be trialling my new knowledge and skills out on MailChimp shortly so appreciate your offer of feedback, especially on my first one.

Eleanor McIntosh
Marketing Executive

Email Marketing and Mailchimp

Thank you to nesma and my tutor for an excellent, informative day of learning about email marketing and Mailchimp. It was well-paced and structured very well, packing in a lot more content than I would often expect from a one-day workshop. Our tutor made the effort to ensure the workshop was relevant to each attendee’s industry and role, and to link this with practical applications in line with their marketing strategy. It was good to get together with marketers from different sectors to share ideas, a great way to help us all think outside the box. At the end of the day, I was full of inspiration for my email marketing strategy!

Hannah Lambert
Digital Marketing Executive,

DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Thanks to nesma for providing such a brilliant Digital Marketing Course course – the 5 days over 5 weeks was intense but really thorough, informative and practical. Making it really useful for my everyday work and it was also helpful to be with other professionals working in similar fields. The whole environment was relaxed, open and friendly, the tutors were skilled presenters and knowledgeable. They had plenty of real-life experience and application to reference their teaching and were open to listening, answering questions and encouraging each of us.

Matthew Smith

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing (L4)

I wanted to say a big thank you for the help and teaching in preparing me for the qualification exams. I really enjoyed the sessions with nesma and will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues going forward. The teaching was engaging, enlightening and clearly passionate and this enthusiasm was felt in the classes. Thanks, both for helping me take another step in my career, I hope to study more with you in the future.

Clare Graham

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing with Integrated Communications elective (L4)

Over the moon! Thank you for all your help and advice, I really enjoyed the sessions and found them extremely helpful.

Kris Wood

Strategic Planning Day

Thanks again for the course, it was a really big help. It gave me time to actually look at the strategy without the distractions of the office. The content was also great, for a one day course we touched on everything needed. My objective was to start a plan, which I have!

Maggie Love

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (L6)

I was first attracted to nesma because of its incredible track record of high pass rates and its smaller class sizes. It also seemed much more personal than other institutions offering the Chartered Institute of Marketing courses. Veronica was on hand to answer any questions and also put me in touch with a nesma alumna in my industry who gave me insight into how the course could help shape my career, which had moved into marketing at QuantnMDx.

Working with Veronica has been fantastic. During a period of ill health, which was disruptive to my studies, Veronica’s encouragement, flexibility and support were key to me completing my CIM Certificate qualification and going onto the Diploma. Her experience and her network mean that no matter what your question, she’s always got helpful advice or an anecdote to pull from, or she knows somebody who knows somebody who can help. Veronica’s classes felt more like guided roundtable discussions than learning by rote.

I would wholeheartedly recommend nesma to anyone looking to advance or change their career.

Clare Galland

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing (L4)

Undertaking my Level 3 certificate in marketing refreshed my knowledge of digital, gave me confidence that I could do marketing and gave me some CPD for my CV after I had children. It definitely gave me an edge when I was applying for new jobs and helped me get this one.

Laura Denning

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing (L4)

So far, nesma has supported my thinking with how we communicate our offer to our customers as well as how effective our internal communications are.

Rosie Groves

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing (L4)

nesma has been great for my job role, I am able to learn from my course and also Veronica the best ways I should improve the working environment for our employees and also improve the standard of services we provide.

Lauren Wilson

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing (L4)

When contemplating the study options, I was focused on the time commitment, location and logistics involved in the options available (self-taught vs classroom learning, etc) but didn’t consider the value and insight that the learning environment would offer. Talking through the topics and theory with a group helped to bring the content to life and see how it could help my fellow students in their activities. More than that, we learnt from each other, shared experiences and event had visits from people in the field to add all-important industry insight to the CIM course content.

Jeanette Henderson

CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing

I did a lot of research before choosing nesma for my studies in marketing. The flexibility of the courses they offered appealed, as did the smaller class groups. As a mature student I was wary of joining a large classroom environment, but with nesma, I studied with a small group, in a very relaxed setting which was certainly conducive to my learning. Veronica had a great teaching style and used everyday examples to explain complicated theories. The support offered by Veronica was above my expectations; you really do feel as if you are getting one-to-one tuition. I gained a distinction in my studies and actually won a CIM Student of the Year award. My studies helped to enhance my role as Business Development and Marketing Director at Gus Robinson and I would have no hesitation in recommending nesma to anyone wanting to gain a marketing qualification through first class tutoring.

Charlie Grabham

CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (L7)

nesma was a natural choice for me because I wanted flexibility in my study options. Sally and Veronica really knew their stuff and they supported the theory with practical examples gained through years of experience in the industry. The main benefit for me was having someone to help organise all my chaotic thoughts into workable marketing strategies. I would recommend nesma highly to anyone considering a marketing qualification. The best part of the study was that after a hard day running my own business, I could meet the tutors somewhere nice, have afternoon tea and get my head back into studying. CIM accreditation not only represents a commitment to my profession but is peace of mind for my clients, showing that I am up to date on industry practice.

Karen Graham

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing (L4)

My tutor, Karen Wharton was brilliant! She helped me to get back into studying after a long break. I am so glad that I completed the Introductory Certificate in Marketing as it certainly made the progression to study the Professional Certificate in Marketing easy – it gave me a good working knowledge of the basics. I can apply the theory I have learnt in my job and hopefully, this will help me in my career path in the near future.

Beth Cronin

CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing

Having decided that I wanted to consolidate my degree with a CIM qualification for my role as a marketing Account Manager in a small full-service agency, choosing to study with nesma was easy; they came very highly recommended and most importantly could offer me the flexibility for studying I needed.
Fitting a qualification around a full-time job isn’t always easy, but combining Veronica’s experience in the industry as my tutor and mentor, with the online learning method meant that I could fit my studies around work, and set my own pace for learning and entering assessments. If you are looking to take on a marketing qualification and are thinking about distance learning – I can highly recommend nesma.

Aimee Philipson

CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications and DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Whilst studying for my history degree at Newcastle University I volunteered at a local hospice doing PR and communications. When I graduated I knew this was something I really wanted to get into and I started looking at ways to get some accredited qualifications in communications. nesma was the perfect choice for me as I could do it part-time alongside my full-time job. The payment options were also flexible; ideal for a recent graduate such as me! I like the nesma style of teaching as I can work at my own pace and I meet other students regularly in tutorials. It’s great to network with others working in marketing in the North East and I really feel like I’m being taught and supported by experts in their field.