Deb is a senior-level marketing and communications specialist with experience of working across many sectors.

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Deb Mullinder

All nesma tutors are industry practitioners who have a wide range of practical experience.


What I do for nesma

As a trained post-16 teacher and marketing professional I support NESMA to deliver the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing – Level 4.

My background

A BA (Hons) Fashion and Marketing graduate from Northumbria University, I then joined the Dewhirst Group’s Learning to Lead junior management programme where I got my first taste of marketing in the real world. I went on to build and broaden my marketing, communications and product management experience and have held several different roles working across public and private organisations of all shapes and sizes.

My particular skills & expertise

I’m a planner and enabler – someone who loves to nurture, support and lead teams to welcome the challenge, get creative, deliver results and have some fun along the way.

Why I love my job!

I love my jobS with a capital S… I’m a bit of a work bunny and like to mix it up. I love the opportunity to connect with others, to learn something new and give something back. Marketing professional, marketing teacher and yoga girl – is a pretty nice balance.