Phoebe Casey-Miller

Trainer Background

Phoebe is Head of Research and Insight at DRG. After gaining a first-class degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Newcastle University. Phoebe is a natural researcher and has worked on an eclectic mix of quantitative and qualitative research projects for brand and media clients across the UK uncovering insights to inform business decisions. Phoebe has a passion for design and is the company’s resident design-guru and loves finding engaging ways to present data, insights and recommendations and has been involved in the creation and design of a range of infographics.

Phoebe has worked on a variety of quantitative, qualitative and holistic projects covering methodologies including mobile ethnography, online forums, focus groups, depth interviews and statistical studies covering segmentation, predictive modelling and max diff. Phoebe is one of DRG’s AQR trained qualitative moderators and loves getting into a good discussion to uncover what is truly forming perceptions and influencing behaviour. She loves the opportunity to discuss the impact of any research with her clients and this has resulted in her being part of many workshopping sessions to disseminate results and also recently presenting the findings of a research project at a press conference.

What I do with nesma

Phoebe is the lead trainer for the Embedding Insights in your Business workshops, as part of the nesma Know-How & Do series.