Kirsty is a marketer who loves maths!

Kirsty Ramsey is the Marketing Manager at Tait Walker LLP, founded in the North East in 1937, the accountancy and business support firm is committed to developing and supporting local businesses and helping to build the strength of business in the region.

Kirsty Ramsey, joined Tait Walker as a placement student at university and loved it so much she never left. Kirsty explains, “I loved maths and numbers and originally wanted to go into accountancy, so getting to do what I really love in an industry I’m really interested in was a real draw for me.”

Kirsty’s remit, supported by a team of two, is to develop and implement the marketing and business development strategy across all Tait Walker offices and help the teams to build structured communication plans.

Kirsty has been highlighted as one of the CIM’s North East Marketing Greats, an initiative aimed at developing and retaining marketing talent in the region.

Each ‘Marketing Great’ is profiled in an online case study which includes their words of wisdom for aspiring marketers alongside their career story and why they enjoy working in the region. ”Marketing Greats’ is a great way of recognising the role of marketers in business growth while celebrating the number of senior marketers located in the North East.

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