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Identifying Why You Are in Business

In this fast-paced workshop, we take a look at your purpose and delve into the organisation’s primary reason for being in the markets it serves.

The ‘Purpose’ of an individual or organization is the fundamental reason why it exists. A sense of Purpose explains why you do what you do, recognising a connection with others, how you fit in, and how, by collaborating with like-minded others, you can realise a greater goal.

As 'Purpose' is increasingly presented as the way to help steer individuals, communities, organizations and businesses through the complex, volatile, ambiguous world they face, and is therefore worth revisiting at this time.

Course Structure

This is a bite-sized 90-minute practical virtual session.

It will cover;

  • How as a leader or manager you can make the ideas of ‘Purpose’ and ‘Purposefulness’ relevant to your work
  • How you make it an unstoppable force to realise your goals?
  • What a Purpose Plan looks like
  • The 7 types of people when it comes to ‘Purpose’ and how to manage
  • Identify your Business, Creative and Social Purposes
  • Guide you through the first steps to creating your ‘Purpose Plan’

This is one of three workshops happening on the same day delivered by Andy Green - The themes build during each workshop, however, you can opt for all three or choose the one that fits your priority learning need.

Tuesday 2nd March, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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£49 + VAT per person, per session.

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